How Cost Analysis Tools Can Prevent Cloud Computing Calamity

AWS and other cloud computing giants have been enjoying bumper profits in recent years, which means startups must be spending more on cloud computing. Indeed cloud costs can jump massively if you don’t keep an eye on your budget. Casey Benko over at SearchCloudComputing recommends investing in cloud cost analysis tools to keep costs down. He gives you the lowdown on how the top tools, like CloudCheckr and Cloudability, compare. 

Casey starts by emphasizing that these tools not only provide you with insights on costs associated with cloud use but can reveal hidden costs, issue alerts as you approach service limits and offer advice on how to limit costs. Saying that, if your company spends less than $300 a month on cloud services, you probably don’t need anything more complicated than what your provider gives you. Much more than that, however, and you might want to think about investing in one of these tools.

But don’t just jump on the biggest name or cheapest tool. Casey recommends a careful analysis of the various options. Thankfully, he’s done some of the hard work for you by giving a brief rundown of the main options.

Trusted Advisor is AWS’ own tool for cloud cost analysis. It comes with four levels: free, developer, business and enterprise. The free level has four diagnostic checks: cost optimization, performance, security and fault tolerance. The business level offers a whopping 37 checks and support for at least $100 per month. Enterprise offers still more checks and support. Which will be best for your business depends on its needs and goals.

Next in line is CloudCheckr. It helps you optimize spending and cloud cost allocation by suggesting best practices based on your current spend. The solution can help secure your cloud and achieve compliance with regulations such as HIPAA, FedRAMP, DFARS, and PCI.  It works with AWS as well as Azure, Google Cloud and most recently VMware, and comes with a Resource dashboard with which you can generate reports. There’s a free version and a basic package for $75 a month.

Cloudability is useful for multi-tenant cloud users. It works with (besides AWS) Heroku, Rackspace, SoftLayer and HP. It provides cost aggregation across these providers and budget alerts. It offers a free trial but after that it’s at least $95 a month.

Last but not least is Cloud Cruiser. It’s an advanced cloud cost analysis tool aimed at large enterprises. It has a wide range of features and works with many cloud providers, including OpenStack, Microsoft and HP.

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