How Developers Competed to Drive Innovation With Nexmo APIs

Early last year we launched some pretty awesome Nexmo developer contests. What made them awesome? The cool stuff developers built. As we continue our contests into 2016, I thought it would be a great time to take a look at the best dev projects from the past year.

Our contests kicked off with a focus on open source. We challenged developers to build open source integrations that added our Verify or Number Insight APIs to customer relationship management platforms, content management systems, and eCommerce solutions.

Jorje Barrera built a slick Integration that used Nexmo’s Verify API to add second factor authentication to Wordpress accounts. Just install the plugin, add your Nexmo credentials, and users can enable phone based second factor Authentication to their profile.

Building on a completely different use case, Prabhu Velayutham extended Shopify so customers could check their order status with just their phone number (no need to remember yet another login for another online account!). Users provided the phone number associated with the order and after the Verify API confirms their number, the order status is provided.

Krzysztof Pieczara showed that number verification has uses far beyond just signup and signin by creating a plugin for Mezzanine that not only implements a password reset using phone based verification but also allows critical activities to be protected by a second factor.

One of my favorite submissions really highlighted the power of modern, web-based APIs. Jed Wood’s Number Insight powered Highrise submission validated a customer's phone number and added useful data to the Highrise contact using the Google Apps Script support of Google Drive. It’s totally web based, and all the number data is stored in a Google Docs spreadsheet. Jed’s project proves that anyone can build some pretty useful things with existing tools if you roll up your sleeves a try a bit of coding.


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