How Devs Benefit From the New U.S. Government-Wide Digital Registry API

One example is already available demonstrating such a service, built off the Social Registry API.

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5. Monitoring and Analyzing Risk Data

Devs at services like Riskpulse are always looking for new services that can help them identify agricultural, port delivery, financial market and supply risks. Being able to identify relevant social media accounts via the Registry API and then monitoring those accounts in realtime for risk-based data as it is announced can be the fastest way to surface new risk threats that must be calculated in any industry analysis.

6. Building a Government-Focused App Store

One of the features of the Digital Registry API is the ability to verify government apps in the same way that you can verify Government social media accounts. Industry-specific domains, whether that be a sector-wide news site like GovTech or a domain-specific site like Agriculture, could build their own app stores as a value-add to their community to inform them of relevant Government-verified apps. The Social registry API would be used to identify apps and the results could be used via API to automatically pull up a website marketplace that is constantly synced in realtime with the Digital Registry’s list of available apps.

While it is early days for the release of the Social Registry, comprehensive data is expected to be available quickly with all government agencies involved in an agency-wide sprint to build out the data fields (such as tagging by subject) quickly. API developers are being encouraged to assist with user testing of the new Registry and to make use of the source in innovative new tools. 

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