How Epoxy Uses the Twitter Video API to Increase Reach and Engagement

Online video distribution Platform Epoxy nurtures the relationship between content creators and fans by allowing the sharing of videos across social media platforms. In a recent case study on the Twitter blog, Epoxy Product Manager Herry Lian discussed the company’s use of the Twitter API to provide a more engaging service.

The May announcement that Twitter’s REST API supported native video uploads was met with excitement from the Epoxy team as it would allow their users to seamlessly place content directly into their Twitter feeds. With a few additional integrations, Epoxy now provides powerful features that improve the User Experience.

For example, with these new capabilities in place, an Epoxy user is able to select one of their existing YouTube videos, edit a clip from that video of up to 30 seconds, and upload that clip natively to Twitter. This all takes place from within their familiar Epoxy dashboard.

Overall engagement has increased dramatically, with results showing an average of 3.6x as many favorites, 4.3x as many Retweets and 2.5x as many replies to video Tweets compared to non-video Tweets. This is partly driven by Twitter videos appearing and auto-playing within the timeline, enhancing the experience for users.

This implementation can easily be used by video creators to deliver previews or teasers directly into the feeds of their Twitter followers. The frictionless distribution capability supports the organic growth of creators’ audiences by increasing their social reach from within the platform they already know.

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Guest post: How Epoxy uses the Twitter video API to increase reach and engagement