How Facebook is Reviewing Open Graph Applications

Facebook has published an update on submissions to its open graph actions, which lets developers include their own "verbs" in Facebook Timeline updates via the Facebook Graph API. Facebook says it has reviewed 90% of the applications and responded to developers with questions. The social network also has provided a checklist and best practices for submitting your own actions to the timeline.

The submissions update lists four areas to improve your chances of approval:

  • Outline concise, step-by-step usage instructions
  • Include an app logo and icon
  • Provide the required information for built-in actions or action properties
  • Publish at least one action

The company also made available a more complete checklist, which includes grammar requirements, privacy considerations and branding guidelines.

Facebook launched timeline actions for several partners in January, including 15 Facebook timeline partners with APIs. It has since approved a handful for public usage, including the social shopping actions "want" and "own."

The company appears to be making its way quickly through the action submissions, with only 10% remaining to be reviewed. "The remainder is on track to be completed within the next few weeks," wrote Facebook's Monica Walsh in the post.


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