How the Flickr API Now Handles Video

The most significant recent development for Flickr has been the introduction of video into what used to be a photo-only service. The Webware article What's next for Flickr video? describes what the Flickr community has actually done with videos this last month. Of particular note for ProgrammableWeb readers is the state of the Flickr API:

One notable feature to come with the addition of video was the company's decision to make it immediately available for use in Flickr's standard data API. So far, there have been few services to take advantage of this, including Yahoo's own video-editing tool Jumpcut. Kakul Srivastava, Flickr's general manager says that there's still work to be done with the Jumpcut team before Flickr video gets tie-ins, but that they're on track to deliver something that's seamless for users of both services.

In the meantime, one of the cooler creations to take advantage of Flickr's video API is a video browser put together by Matt Crampton. It takes a smattering of some of the latest videos and puts them together on a giant array that people can watch without having to venture on Flickr.

Matt's video browser mashup is now listed in our mashup directory:

Flickr developers seeking a detailed description of how to use the API to handle videos should turn to Kellan Elliott-McCrea's Videos in the Flickr API. The essential ideas of his post on the Flickr Developer Blog is simple:

First thing to understand is as far as Flickr is concerned videos are just a funny type of photo. Your API application can ignore that video exists and everything should go on working. This means:

  • you can display a preview of a video by treating it exactly like any other photo on Flickr.
  • photos AND videos are returned by any method which used to return just photos
  • you can get info about a video like you would a photo.

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