How Google Maps API Added Value To A Salesforce Installation

Information is far more accessible when presented visually, according to a recent blog post by Scott Hemmeter, CEO and founder of Arrowpointe, which is why the company created Geopointe. By combining a company’s database with Google Maps, Geopointe helps companies visualise location information to increase spatial awareness and boost productivity, from within Salesforce.

Geopointe works within Salesforce by adding a map tab, which then uses Google Maps as the interface into Salesforce data. Pages are based in HTML5 and served by Salesforce’s Visualforce technology, with the user experience provided by client-side JavaScript. Google Maps JavaScript API is used to interact with the maps, allowing users to, for example, plan routes between customers or define a specific area to pull data from.

The app also leverages the flexibility of the Google Maps API to allow users to pull data from different sources in the KML format and layer it on the screen. This can be used to provide valuable insights into customer location in relation to extreme weather conditions in the agricultural industry, among others.

“We chose Google Maps because business users rely on it. They want Google’s directions, Street View and Satellite View. Data is a valuable resource for Salesforce customers, and Google Maps is a great way to provide it,” said Hemmeter.

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Arrowpointe Gives Sales Teams Visual Customer Data with Google Maps APIs

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