How Ideas Become Products That Engage Developers

We spend a lot of time talking about developer experience ( DX) and nurturing the developer community. But popular opinion is that DX is at odds with enterprise structure and Function. What if the developer community was looked at as an important part of the overall enterprise strategy? Your enterprise would be much more agile to reach out to external partners and to meet customer demands. But how? European technical director for SOA Software Andy Jones talked about just that at his APIcon talk (see the video below) “How Enterprises Can Build a Mobile Developer Community.” 

It all starts with a spark of an idea

Backed by more than 25 years of working with complex real-time systems Jones goes through how you can take the seed of an idea and turn it into something that can help you go from a vision into production into an engaged developer community. We summarize that talk and how developers and innovation synchronize quite nicely with enterprise architecture and more traditional business structuring.

“The real billion-dollar idea is gonna be a surprise.” Jones mentioned the idea that you can’t innovate by listening to your customers because if they already know the answer, it’s too late. “The biggest ideas will just come out of nowhere, but you have to measure benefit and retain that willingness to change. There’s a transformational change for the enterprise that has to be undertaken.” Today we take you through those first steps.

This introduction is part of our series on How Enterprises Foster Innovation and Grow Developer Communities. In part 1, we will look at the innovation value chain when applied in an enterprise setting.

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