How Much Revenue via APIs?

Following-up on discussions last week about mashup business models, I was curious to look at the other side and see if API providers had disclosed any details about revenue or volume numbers directly attributable to their API-based services. While the direct dollar figures are not always available, here are a few related numbers:

  • Reported on their blog on Jan 8th of this year that over 40% of all of traffic comes from their API.
  • Amazon: Has 140,000 registered developers. In an Information Week article last October reported that third-party sellers generated 28% of Amazon's second-quarter unit sales, or $490 million. A percentage of those earnings are attributable to their web services APIs, but unfortunately they do not disclose what that percentage is. Also, if you want more on their services, check out these good slides (PDF) from a presentation Jeff Barr gave at Affiliates Summit 06.
  • eBay: Has somewhere over 25,000 developers with 1,900 certified applications. This little TechWeb story notes that during the fourth quarter in 2005, the eBay Platform handled more than 8 billion Web Service requests, up from less than 1 billion for the entire year of 2002. The number of eBay Web Services transactions through APIs increased 84 percent annually.

If anyone has better or more recent numbers let me know.

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