How The Multinational Rentokil Rebuilt Its IT Legacy Around An API Core

Pest control firms are not normally associated with forward-thinking technological advancements. However, Rentokil has been extending its legacy ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system to allow new functionality through the creation of APIs, according to a recent article by Margi Murphy for Computer World UK.

One of the problems in operating in 60 countries is that updating the IT infrastructure is never straight forward. However, thanks to Rentokil nurturing an internal API culture, Enterprise IT has been able to create a new digital core to help the business innovate and move towards being more agile.

This move was facilitated by the use of APIs to drive internal innovation, with the firm even offering cash incentives of £50 to non-IT employees who build an internal app. This has led to applications such as the field workers’ mobile app ServiceTrack, or the workflow app HygineConnect that monitors when SOAP dispensers need to be refilled.

“We’re a simple business, but complex use of technology could transform that. The mind set of marketing is about driving products for us, and I have to be in a place where I can support that,” said Rentokil enterprise delivery manager Anthony Meadows.

Through creating this innovative API environment, the company is relying more and more on its own creations than external ones. This has led the IT team to consider providing multiple levels of APIs that will enable them to monetize some of the services they are creating, and drive further innovation.

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