How Ohio Republicans Use APIs and Zapier

As politics continues to embrace technology to drive campaign focus and engage voters, Danny Schreiber’s post on the Zapier website discusses how the Ohio House Republican Organizational Committee (OHROC) unlocked voter data using API-driven software integrations. Doing so in an effort to break a 50-year campaign record of the largest majority of seats in the Ohio House of Representatives since 1967.

With little funding and almost no time to implement new technologies, OHROC’s director of technology development Vasyl Rabosyuk’s team used Web app automation service Zapier to connect voter data across three main silos. These were an SQL database for voter information, the NationBuilder campaign management app for logging calls and sending emails, and Mandrill for sending personalised messages to voters.

The team leveraged public election data to locate the names and addresses of absentee voters who can vote up to 35 days in advance. This data was dumped into the SQL database and a bespoke Zapier Webhooks Integration piped individual names into NationBuilder to build a contactable list of voters. This automation improved efficiency to allow the campaign team to make 35,000 targeted phone calls to early voters in 30 days.

Rabosyuk’s team also created a technological workaround for the paper “walk books” used by door-knocking volunteers. The paper notes from canvassers were scanned into an OCR engine that parsed the voter info and added it to the campaign’s SQL database, which was connected to the campaign management tool thanks to Zapier, turning hand-written notes into actionable data.

Thanks to Zapier’s integration capabilities, Rubosyuk and his team were able to leverage the best-in-breed apps for each process and create a cohesive, end-to-end product that facilitated success. It seems safe to assume GOP will be looking to use APIs to achieve a similar result next time out.

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How Software Integrations Unlocked Voter Data and Helped Break a 50-Year Campaign Record