How Pixel Lab Used Microsoft Edge to Build a Flight Simulator

Several of Microsoft Edge’s platform features were showcased recently during Microsoft’s Build conference. According to a post on the Microsoft Edge Dev Blog, Pixel Lab created a flight simulator using features of the new web platform.

Inspired by the original Flight Simulator that pushed the boundaries of what was expected of early PCs, the Pixel Lab team developed Flight Arcade. This allowed developers to exhibit three of the major new features of the platform.

Firstly, Pixel Lab used WebGL (Web Graphics Library), a JavaScript API for rendering interactive 3D graphics within the browser. By leveraging the popular Babylon.JS 3D framework, the developers were able to work around the challenges of laying out terrain and building heightmaps for relief, resulting in a realistic visual experience.

Next, the HTML5 WebAudio API provided the broad spectrum of audio manipulation techniques to show off the breadth of its capabilities. Using this web tool, developers were able to adjust the sound of the engine or distort the instructor’s voice.

Finally, Pixel Lab incorporated the GamePad API to provide accuracy to the flight simulation. The team wrote a helper class that brings the button and axis indices of the simulator in line with those on the popular Xbox controller.

This demo highlights a few of the capabilities of the platform, and the Microsoft Edge Team is planning to add many more web features over the coming months.

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Building Flight Arcade: Behind the scenes with WebGL, WebAudio and GamePad API