How To Ace Your Hackathon Presentation

Hackathon participants have it hard. You sweat for 3 days on end, and then have to present your project in 3 minutes. Under this type of stress, it can be hard to structure a persuasive and concise presentation for the judges. Remember to first set the scene by briefly discussing why your tool needs to be built. Explain the problem that will be solved through your product. Next step is to begin your demo. You should present only the most impressive aspects of the project within the time allotted. Skip mundane flows, and make sure your demo achieves your original goal. Sum up the app with a brief description of it’s future ambition or potential. As many are submitted online, the online presentation should match the progression and simplicity of an in-person demo. Use easy-to-follow screenshots and video displays whenever applicable. Follow these simple steps to ensure your presentation represents your work in the best way possible.

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How To Present A Successful Hackathon Demo