How to Align Your Team Around Microservices

For a profession that stresses the importance of naming things well, we've done ourselves a disservice with microservices. The problem is that that there is nothing inherently "micro" about microservices. Some can be small, but size is relative and there's no standard of unit of measure across organizations. A "small" service at one company might be one million lines of code while far less at another.

Some argue that microservices aren't a new thing at all and rather a rebranding of Service Oriented Architectures, while others advocate for viewing microservices as an implementation of SOA similar to how Scrum is an implementation of Agile (for more on the ambiguity of Microservice definitions, check out Microservices for Startups).

Regardless, the poor naming of microservices is one of the reasons behind misconceptions and misapplication of microservices.