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How to Automate Cloud Hosting Tasks with a Slack Chatbot and Cloudways API

Slack is a messaging app that comes with an API which allows users to build chatbots on top of it and also to integrate third-party applications. Slack is available for iOS and Android devices, which gives users complete access to their chats and groups on Slack. With the Slack API , users can build a chatbot that can interact with their applications. These chatbots, powered by AI, are capable of handling automatic messages. Users can use the bots to interact with their integrated applications to perform any particular task, such as give commands to operate a product, get weather updates, among many other tasks.

Cloudways is a managed cloud hosting Platform and this tutorial by Ahmed Khan on the Cloudways blog shows readers how to create a Slack chatbot and connect it with the Cloudways APITrack this API to automate tasks for a Cloudways hosted server. The tutorial starts by logging into your slack group and using the Build button to start building a chatbot to interact with the Cloudways API. Once the bot is created, the user needs to copy the API token of the Slack chatbot. For now, keep it in a safe place, while an already created CloudwaysAPIClient class is updated with several functions to manage the services.

After all the required functions have been created, a script for the Slackbot needs to be written. For this, the PHP SDKTrack this Framework/Library needs to be installed that will work with the Slack API using the Composer. Once done, you would run PHP index.php through the command line to get the bot online.

Typing  “cloud hello” initiates the bot. When you type “cloud hello”, the bot shall respond with a welcome message and the tasks that it can perform using the commands the bot understands.

The author set up a “cloud getservers” command to get all the servers that are a part of the associated Cloudways account. All the code that is involved in the process is provided in the blog post, and also placed at CloudChatbot Repository. This makes the tutorial an ideal case for anyone looking to build custom bots using Slack to perform any Function on the Cloudways servers.

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How to Create a Slack Chatbot and Connect It With Cloudways API