How to Become Mashup of the Day

Every day we select one new mashup to crown mashup of the day. It usually does something unique or uses a more obscure API. And it always gets interest across the web, being tweeted, blogged and tinkered with by our developer audience. We'd like to share some of the criteria we use to pick mashups of the day and invite you to submit your apps that make use of one or more APIs.

Every mashup added to the directory goes through a light editorial process, where we generate a screenshot, ensure the tags are appropriate for our taxonomy and schedule the publication date. It's also the time that we select the most notable to get the extra promotion and distinction as Mashup of the Day.

Here's a rough idea of our current Mashup of the Day criteria:

  • Be interesting and communicate it in your description. Tell us why someone would use it.
  • Be unique or at least novel. We see a lot of apps, so we highlight the ones that stand out. For example, if you use maps, you'd better do something that hasn't been done 100s of times before.
  • Be registered on ProgrammableWeb. When we promote a mashup, we're also promoting its developer. Fill out your profile. Help people find out more about you.

Not so tough, right? Anyone can be named mashup of the day. So, check out previous winners and then add your mashup.

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