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How to Build a .NET App that Calls Apps Script Execution API

Google’s Apps Script is the cloud-based scripting language for building web apps and automating tasks. Using the familiar JavaScript format, Apps Script allows developers to combine their understanding of web development and Google products to create new and exciting tools.

For example, Corey Goldfeder used Apps Script to create Gmail Snooze for handling emails that you may not want to deal with when they arrive. This application integrates with your Gmail account and allows users to temporarily archive an email for a given period of time, which could be several days. The script automatically runs every 24 hours, moving the email back into your Inbox after the allotted time has passed.

This Google Quickstart guides followers through building a simple .NET console application for making requests to the Apps Script Execution API. Make sure you have a Google account with Google Drive enabled, then begin by creating a target project for the Apps Script Execution API to call.

With the target set up, followers are guided through enabling the Google Apps Script Execution API and preparing the project. Example copde is provided with notes, then all that is left to do is run the sample with the required access authorisation. Your application should be ready to call the API in about 5 minutes.

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