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How to Build a Bitcoin Price Converter

The price of bitcoins is one of the cryptocurrency’s biggest talking points. Just like any currency, its value fluctuates depending on a wide range of factors, but it all eventually boils down to supply and demand. One of the biggest factors in this economic system is the rate of newly generated bitcoins, which is determined by bitcoin mining.

This means that the number of bitcoins in circulation is constantly changing, depending on how many transactions are being verified and at what rate. So to keep on top of this market, you could consider building your own bitcoin price converter, as explained in this tutorial on BitPost.

The idea is to build a simple Web application that uses the API to get bitcoin price data. Once this has proven the API implementation, readers are supplied extra code to build the actual converter. This is all done using PHP with a simple decoder included to handle the JSON format returned by the API. A simple JavaScript code then uses the two input boxes’ values (BTC and USD) to convert the desired value of bitcoins into a U.S. dollar price.

The author focuses only on the Back-end development, so there is no consideration here for Front-end design. However, several ideas are provided for features that would enhance the converter should you wish to develop it further. One last snippet of code displays currency icons instead of the BTC/USD text.

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