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How to Build a Go CLI that calls the Apps Script Execution API

The Google-developed open source language Go was created with portability as one of its core tenets. Add this to the support it receives from its corporate creator, and it is easy to see why its popularity is increasing.

This Quickstart Guide from Google Developers shows followers how to build a simple Go command-line application that makes requests to the Google Apps Script Execution API. App Script’s built-in services include Google APIs and UI tools which can be accessed quickly via the code completion feature in the script editor, making this the perfect Platform to begin a new project.

This tutorial recommends the latest versions of both Go and Git, as well as a target App Script for the API to call. The entire tutorial should be easily completed in around 5 minutes, beginning with enabling the Google Apps Script Execution API. The workspace should be prepared with the GOPATH environment variable set to your working directory.

Use the given commands to get the Google Apps Script Execution API Go client Library and OAuth2 package. Then, add the supplied code to a new file named quickstart.go in your working directory to set up the sample before letting it run, providing access authorisation when prompted on the first run.

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