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How to Build an iOS App that calls Apps Script Execution API

Google’s Apps Script is a JavaScript-formatted scripting language that lets you leverage Google services to build web applications in a browser-based text editor. And with quick publishing to the Chrome Web Store, you can share your app as your own service, complete with versioning and sharable libraries.

Apps Script can even integrate with an iOS app via the Apps Script Execution API, so you could build an iOS app that accesses Google services seamlessly. This Google Quickstart shows followers how to build a basic iOS application that is able to make requests to the Google Apps Script Execution API.

Versions are available for both Objective-C and Swift. However, this simple application does not conform to Apple’s iOS Human Interface Guidelines, and is meant only to demonstrate the basic concepts of Execution API integration.

As well as a subversion client, followers will need Xcode 4.2 or greater for Objective-C developments, or Xcode 6.3 or greater for Swift. Begin the guide by setting up a target Apps Script project, and then enable the API to make calls. Download the relevant client library and set up a new project in Xcode to contain the sample app.

Using the sample code provided, this tutorial should take around 5 minutes to complete. Log in to your Google account to authorise access when prompted, and your iOS app should be up and running and making calls to the target Apps Script.

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