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How to build an iOS app like Siri

Like Siri, the Apple service that performs virtual personal assistant tasks, this tutorial shows how to create a similar iOS app with Nuance Dragon Mobile SDK, a speech recognition kit. In the guide, developers can find key concepts, references, and illustrated examples to facilitate app development. Subhransu Behera is the author of the tutorial.

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Building an iOS App like Siri - Ray Wenderlich




Well, first of all you need to know that there are 3 methods to make app with virtual assistant: The first method involves integrating existing voice technologies into your application by means of special APIs and other development tools. The second method allows you to build an intelligent assistant with the help of open source services and APIs. The third method stands for the development of a voice assistant from scratch with its further integration into your application. (according <a href=""cleveroad blog</a>). Each method is worthy of attention. Note that the big names like Apple or Google reluctantly offer their beloved creations to the third-party developers. On the other hand, using open source tools may not meet your expectations. Also, developing apps like Siri on your own may become an impossible task.