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How to Build a JavaScript App that Calls the Apps Script Execution API

In these web-centric times, JavaScript’s relative simplicity and client-side execution have led it to become one of the world’s most popular programming languages. It is so familiar to developers that Google Apps Script based its format on JavaScript to combine web development with Google products

As an example of Apps Script’s potential applications, Stephanie Obodda from Brown University’s IT department built a Vacation Calendar management tool to improve the efficiency of the 170-person department’s existing way of tracking sick/vacation time. This solution simply requires members to invite a specified email address to share their calendar event (vacation days).

The script aggregates events from the calendar and keeps only the relevant info to create a single daily event on a separate calendar showing who is away on what days. This is a simple implementation of Apps Script, but the browser-based scripting language can be accessed by third-party applications using Google Apps Script Execution API.

In this Google Quickstart, followers are shown how to build a simple JavaScript application that is able to make calls to the Google Apps Script Execution API. Followers are required to be running Python 2.4 or greater, and must set up a target Apps Script for the API to call before starting.

It should only take around five minutes to follow the three steps in the tutorial. Use the provided code to set up the sample, authorise access on the first run when prompted, and your simple JavaScript app should be up and running.

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