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How to Build a Photo Gallery with the Cosmic JS API

Would you like to add a photo gallery to an application with the help of Vue.JS framework? It could be useful to showcase products, demonstrate what a service can do for the users, or serve as a call to action. 

Vue.JS framework facilitates building user interfaces on the web. Cosmic JS is a CMS API that builds applications, manages content, and drags and drops media (like a photo gallery). By teaming up Vue.JS and Cosmic JS API, you can create a visually attractive application. 

Over on their blog, CEO Tony Spiro and Author Ivan Larionov shared the tutorial How to Build a Vue.js Photo Gallery. This tutorial makes use of JavaScript, HTML5UP, and the Cosmic JS API hosted on the Cosmic JS App Server.

To begin, you need Node.js and npm package. Then, you can start by installing the VueJS command-line interface and run commands to make sure your app will run in a browser. The next steps include setting up the Cosmic JS library, VueJS environments, and preparing assets, index.html, Vue JS components, and viewer components.
The components are an important part of your project, because they will help you to access the gallery data, such as thumbnails, photo display, and previous/next navigation. Once you connect all the steps together, you will deploy to the Cosmic JS servers, getting your configuration ready and modifying your package.json. You will be able to run your app once you build the app for production. The way to know it works is by entering your GitHub repository and clicking Deploy to Web.

If you follow the complete steps, you will integrate a photo gallery in an application. As a web developer, it’s beneficial to have a portfolio with a live demo and a source code that you can show to potential employers. It makes a difference to consider specific target audiences that can use your photo gallery right away such as web developers’ portfolios, travel, photographers, restaurants, and eCommerce sites.

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How to Build a Vue.js Photo Gallery