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How to Build a Python CLI that Calls the Apps Script Execution API

Python is a general-purpose programming language that has been growing in popularity in recent years, despite being around since the 1990s. The language’s Platform-agnostic nature means it can run on almost any operating system, and it can be used for scripting, software or web development, making it extremely useful.

In recent years, Python has become a popular language for teaching computer programming. This is largely down to its simple core concepts and emphasis on code readability, which also make it a great language for this Google Quickstart. Following the steps in this tutorial will help you build a simple Python command-line application that is able to make calls to, and receive a response from, the Google Apps Script Execution API.

This API is the interface between third-party applications and Google’s Apps Scripts, the cloud-based scripting language that combines elements of web development with Google products, with Google APIs and UI tools built in a services.

This guide requires Python 2.6 or greater, as well as the Pip package management tool. Followers must begin by creating a target Apps Script for the API to call, and then simply follow the steps using the code provided. In around 5 minutes, your simple Python CLI should be making calls to the Apps Script Execution API.

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