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How to Build a Ruby CLI That Calls the Apps Script Execution API

When it comes to learning computer programming, Ruby is often singled out as a good place to start. Its creator wanted to improve programmer productivity while making programming fun, and this has led to its relative simplicity, making it a good language to start with.

Ruby is also the first step to working with the Rails framework for creating Web applications. However, following this Google Quickstart, users can combine Ruby with Google’s cloud-based scripting language Apps Script.

Apps Script combines elements of Web development with Google products while providing access to Google APIs and UI tools built in as services. As an example, you could create an Apps Script that collects data using Google Docs form, and then integrates into your bespoke application to present the results.

This particular Quickstart guides followers through building a simple Ruby command-line application that is able to access these Google products and services by making requests to the Google Apps Script Execution API.

Followers must be running Ruby 2.0 or greater, and the important first step is to create a target Apps Script for the API to call. With that set up, simply follw the steps in this tutorial using the code provided and in about 5 minutes your simple CLI will be making calls to the Execution API.

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