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How To Build Twilio 'Hello World' With

Twilio is a hugely popular communications company that lets you do telephony with an API. It is a core component in the services of companies like Uber, which uses it to text real-time updates on a ride’s status; and Salesforce, which harnesses its power to gain event feedback from up to 19,000 conference attendees.

The technology is based on web browsers making requests to Back-end server technology such as PHP or ASP.NET. The back-end server then makes requests to the Twilio REST API, which dispatches to the person being called. When the user picks up, the specified URL executes simple TwiML/ XML to perform predefined instructions, which could be the ride status of an Uber car, for example, or a “Hello World” message.

In this tutorial, followers are given step-by-step instructions on how to build a simple mobile application that is able to connect to the Twilio Message API to send SMSs. Building the mobile app is a simple procedure of creating a new app in your account, creating the UI, and adding a theme, with some brief testing and configuring the app so it is able to use REST services.

Followers are then given a 13-step process for connecting to the Twilio Message API, followed by testing the service, and creating the desired response. The tutorial ends with how to add security and publish to the App Store. Screenshots, necessary links, and extensive instructions are all provided to help followers get their message out there to the world. 

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