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How to Build a Wrapper for External Calls Using the HuffPost Pollster API

Google AdWords is an easily accessible bidding tool for serving targeted ads with related keyword searches. To make the automation of AdWords account manipulation easier and quicker, Google introduced AdWords Scripts, which provides a programmatic way to access your AdWords data.

The entry requirements for AdWords Scripts are low, relying on basic JavaScript familiarity and an AdWords account. However, the potential is vast. AdWords Scripts supports campaign management and comprehensive reporting, as well as API-specific objects such as Ad params.

This is all achieved by writing simple JavaScript code directly into a browser-embedded IDE (Integrated Development Environment) from the AdWords UI, allowing you to execute external API calls. In this tutorial by Russell Savage for Search Engine Land, the author describes an unorthodox implementation that requests data from the HuffPost Pollster API by building a wrapper for external calls.

The tutorial is entry-level, with the author explaining the underlying concepts such as data sources, objects, and what an API Wrapper is. The code is provided with detailed explanations and tips on how to simplify the main application.

While using political Polling data for managing marketing campaigns may not seem relevant to many developers, the lessons and techniques are transferable to other objectives.

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