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How To Configure And Integrate The Pixlr API With jQuery

If you’re looking to integrate image-editing capabilities into your Web site or Web app, then Pixlr’s API-based image editing service might be for you. Pixlr is a free online photo editing tool that offers a very similar interface to Adobe’s Photoshop. If your app has access to photos from your mobile device or perhaps from an Instagram account, then a compelling use case could be to add Pixlr’s image editing capabilities to that app.

This how-to starts off by showing how to pull Pixlr’s capabilities onto a Web page (or into a Web app) through standard JavaScript snippet-based installation (which in turn calls the Pixlr API).

The author makes the source files for his Integration script available for download and as a nice extra; he has created a small Javascript snippet that addresses an error within Pixlr’s  own Javascript Library. While the article is relatively light and primarily focuses on a snippet-like offering, it does have a JQuery example at the end that calls the API directly, demonstrating how images can more dynamically be pulled into the code for subsequent processing via Pixlr’s API.

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Integrate Pixlr Online Photo Editor in Web Application/Website