A How-to Guide for Selecting the Right Property Data API to Build Your Business

Are you looking to add property data to your product or service? We don’t blame you.

Historical property data can be extremely valuable in real estate, insurance, home services and advertising industries –– just to name a few. Adding layers of information, such as the age of a residence, the last sold price of a home or who owns it can help business owners take their products and services to the next level. Accurate and up-to-date property data helps create deeper insights into property values, target highly qualified homeowners with relevant services and more. The opportunities for innovative applications are endless.

As with any API Integration, property data has some unique characteristics to take into consideration that could impact how quickly you are able to get up and running as well as your long term success. So, we’ve put together a comprehensive guide to provide you with some background on public property datasets and important factors to consider for the five (5) critical attributes of a property data API: ease of use, speed & performance, pricing, data coverage and freshness.

Download the guide complete with a one-page checklist to help you move through the process quickly and easily. Even better –– apply the checklist in real time when you take the Estated API for a spin with our free trial. Other questions? Give us a shout!

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