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How to Import RAML Directories in Postman Directly

Postman is an HTTP requester tool for interacting with HTTP APIs. The user-friendly GUI hopes to make it easy to construct requests and read responses for API prototyping.

It also offers some testing features that are available in both the Cloud collaboration product and the Chrome app, so Postman can be integrated into your workflow to handle everything from one-off testing to build integrations. In this tutorial on DZone, Kumar Gaurav shows how developers using Postman 3.1 or higher can detect and import RAML API definitions from inside a folder.

The current version of the importer supports version 0.8 of the RAML spec, and users should begin by cloning the GitHub RAML definition. In the Postman Import dialog you’ll notice the new ‘Folder’ tab that allows you to choose the folder to be cloned. Select ‘GitHub’ and upload it, and Postman will automatically detect all of the RAML definitions for conversion, and process them internally to Postman Collections. You will then see an import success message.

This simple tutorial should only take a few minutes to complete, and the folder importer tool can also be used to import all Postman Collections files, as well as Postman Environments files.

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Import RAML Directories in Postman Directly