How to Make YouTube Embeds Less YouTube-y

We are all likely familiar with the look of YouTube's embedded player. In fact, seeking an alternate design for the player might be what sends many developers to to one of the other 99 video APIs. But it doesn't need to: YouTube lets you add your own "chrome," the look of the player.

Tutorialzine walks you through the process using a JQuery plugin and the YouTube Data API. You can download the plugin and use it directly, or go through the tutorial and understand how it works. The YouTube logo in the lower right of the video remains, but everything else is customizable: add your own controls, progress bar and other chrome.

The how-to also shows off the data that gets returned by the YouTube API for a single video. There, you can see much of the information available on YouTube's website. Get the video's description, rating and more. That's useful in combination with YouTube's search API to create your own Portal to YouTube content, perhaps specific to an industry. And, with the player plugin, you can further separate how it looks, all while building on top of the biggest database of video in the world.

via Brian Choongphol

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