How to Mashup Australia

In Online growth maps a future, reporter reporter Lara Sinclair at The Australian takes a look at mashups from a down-under perspective.

Microsoft, Google and Yahoo have all released mapping tools for markets such as the US, but developers have had limited access to the tools needed to build mashups in Australia.

That will change in the next three months when directories business Sensis, which owns the popular mapping site, will open up its technology for consumer use.

Google is rumoured to be mapping Australia for completion by the middle of the year, while Ninemsn has released a beta version of its local search site utilising Microsoft's map content.

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Comments (4)

It's great to see some attention finally being given to Australia's mapping situation (slightly biased when saying that!).

Personally, I'll wait for Google's rumoured update. While Sensis's is a good product (in comparison to mylocal) I personally can't stand Sensis. In all my dealings with them they've only ever been incompetent, I frankly won't trust them to pull this off!


Hopefully we'll get something decent in Australia soon.

Interesting to hear that once again there's an opportunity for Google to come-in and own another market.


Could we be the first in Oz?