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How to Push Notifications Into Your HipChat Room

HipChat is a popular team chat platform built for business. Part of its popularity is based on the fact that it offers a number of integrations with other popular services. As a result, your team can receive notifications in HipChat and stay up-to-date with services such as Asana, Google and Github, among many others.

However, rather than discussing inbound notifications, this post on the Medallia blog explains how you can develop a simple system to push notifications into your HipChat room. Ezequiel Bergamaschi’s tutorial is built around the idea of making regular new releases of a product via a script that automatically deploys a new version of the source code, and complimenting this system with HipChat notifications to the relevant stakeholders, such as product managers, designers, and testers.

Followers require a Unix computer with NodeJS v4 or higher, and a HipChat room to notify. Setting up notifications for a HipChat room requires an API token that can be retrieved from the administrator’s HipChat account.

Bergamaschi then creates a directory and a config file that includes the API token info obtained earlier, and the message content can either be an inline message or reference to a text file. And since the message_format was configured as ‘text’, followers can include @mentions, emoticons, pastes and auto-detected URL for a rich HipChat experience that keeps your team informed.

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How to push notifications into your HipChat Room