How to Search Twitter Profiles by Web or API

Ever wondered how many of your Twitter followers are web developers? Paging through twenty at a time and looking at bios is too slow to be worth answering that question. Using TweepSearch, you can quickly find that answer... and several others you'll come up with after you see how easy it is.

TweepSearch results

In addition to searching your followers, you can search you friends. Or, search all of Twitter to find new people to follow.

Better yet, integrate TweepSearch into your own Twitter app using the TweepSearch API. That's right, a Twitter mashup that also includes an API. It's a trend we're seeing much more of as Twitter clients become more full-featured. It was also one of five Twitter app best practices we covered in August.


TweepSearch was created by Damon Cortesi, who also coded TweetStats, pictured above (at two years old, TweetStats is ancient in Twitter app years--learn more at our TweetStats mashup profile). Cortesi said the API is a core feature of the TweepSearch mashup:

Having an API "helps foster adoption in a Web 2.0 world where developers love to make mashups. Also, it can obtain more exposure when apps like Tweetie add in support for your API."

Looking through the TweepSearch documentation, it's more than a marketing gimmick. It's a tremendously powerful API, with the ability to pin-point the exact type of user you want to find. There are boolean and phrase search types, among others. You can search by location, in addition to the bio. Then filter the results by friends, followers or mutual friends.

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