How To Show Senior Leadership the Importance of APIs

In the years from 1995 - 2000, marketers were convincing company leaders that having a company website was crucial for business to operate and stay relevant with evolving tech trends. Now, in 2014, the same discussions are occurring, but they are centered around APIs. 

API Evangelist summarized ways to talk with senior leaders who are not tech savvy about the importance of creating an API for their company. Describing API behavior in a relatable and persuasive fashion is critical. APIs can be compared to websites for desktops or applications. Where HTML is the readable language for human eyes, JSON is computer readable. APIs can behave exactly like mobile applications; displaying content, holding resources and accepting file management edits and updates. 

The truth, according to API Evangelist, is that all content currently on a website should be available through API. This enhances the company’s methods for creating a directory, sharing product listings, hosting an accessible blog, and connecting with consumers regardless of device, website or mobile application. 

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Explaining APIs To Your Senior Leadership