How to use RAML to Auto-Generate C# Code for Dynamic Web API Provisioning

RAML (RESTful API Modeling Language) is a practical language for describing APIs. In this article on InfoQ, Jonathan Allen explains how RAML can be used to auto-generate the necessary C# code to provision a Web API (on platforms that support C# like Windows and Azure). This design means both front and back end developers can implement code changes to an API during development simply by updating the associated RAML-based API definitions.

Like with Swagger and other API-definition specifications, most of the Front-end tooling (eg: Documentation, IDEs like Github's Atom, etc.) used by API consuming developers can automatically adjust to new RAML definitions. But for APIs being provisioned by Microsoft-based platforms, once the C# code that's behind your APIs can also dynamically adjust to changes in API defintions, it creates an environment where your front and back end developers can move in greater lockstep with one another. 

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C#/Web API Code Generation Patterns for the RAML User