How to Win Money Coding

If you're interested in programming as means to win cash and prizes, here's a quick guide to how (or where) best to spend your precious coding time based on currently in-progress contests. (Note that these are ordered by deadline and today's your last day for the Virtual Earth prize):

Contest Prize Deadline
MSN Virtual Earth Competition $1000 Oct 14, 2005
NewsGator API Developer Competition Dell Latitude D610 or Apple Powerbook G4 laptop Nov 11, 2005's AWS Developer Contest $5,000 Dec 31, 2005
MSN Messenger World's Best App Contest Alienware Area 51m 7700 Mobile Desktop Dec 31, 2005

Can't say that the evaluation criteria varies widely as they're all looking for something to show-off their respective APIs: creativity, usability, and utility. Amazon adds 'Commercial Appeal: the consumer or business value represented in the application'.

Life is short, code wisely.


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Ok, this is almost spam - But here you have <a href="" rel="nofollow">some bounties from the Cherokee Webserver site</a>, for up to US$700.

<strong>How to Win Money Coding</strong>

John Musser has a list of contests where you can win money by coding. Nice way to get some more pocket money, I'd say...

I also like his final remark in that blog post:

Life is short, code wisely.