How Twitter Drives Bleacher Report’s Content Discovery and Editorial Strategy

For many sports fans, Bleacher Report is a frequent digital destination. The Platform publishes team-specific content and real-time event coverage to over 44 million unique monthly users both online and on mobile. And according to a recent case study undertaken by Twitter, the microblogging platform played a significant role in Bleacher Report’s ability to scale.

“Over time, we’ve become both a platform and a publisher. In addition to breaking our own stories and delivering great original content, we also curate for our readers the absolute best stories from across the web,” says Bennett Spector, Sr. Director of Bleacher Report’s Media Lab.

With hundreds of pieces of content published every day, including original reporting and curated content, Bleacher Report offers an engaging experience to users. However, providing such a large volume of quality content requires the constant monitoring of a staggering amount of sport-related information. To achieve this, the Bleacher Report editorial team turned to Twitter.

The team were able to drastically enhance their content discovery and editorial Integration using several Twitter platform products.

  • TweetDeck and Twitter Lists help the team to break stories and monitor hundreds of Tweet streams from players, writers and other sources
  • Bleacher Report editors use Twitter Search API and Twitter embeds to find direct quotes, commentary and photos/videos and incorporate those into editorial content
  • Rendering Tweets within original content on the web and in the Team Stream app means Bleacher Report provides a single source of up-to-the-minute content with associated media.

With Twitter deeply integrated into Bleacher Report’s core processes, they are able to provide a rich experience for users while simplifying the task of the editorial team. The publisher’s best practices handbooks now include editor training on sourcing content and embedding Tweets.

According to Newswhip, Bleacher Report now receives 30% of its site traffic from social referrals, which currently equates to over 70 million social referrals per month, making it the #1 sports publisher on Twitter.

Read the case study to learn more.

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Bleacher Report Relies on Twitter for Content Discovery and Editorial Strategy