How Twitter Drives Distribution and Engagement at Chicago Tribune

The United States’ second largest publisher, Tribune Publishing, recently overhauled many of the websites of their digital publishing arm. Now, a recent case study by Twitter discussed how the publishing giant used the Twitter Platform to power distribution at the Chicago Tribune.

Tribune Publishing has over 220 properties across newspapers and websites, boasting a combined reach of over 42 million unique monthly visitors. One of those properties, Chicago Tribune, now offers pre-written, tweet-length synopses located near the top of each article that readers can simply click to share on Twitter. These are called Twitter Sharelines.

“We wanted to introduce Sharelines as a way to effectively communicate the personality behind a story, in 140 characters or less. Giving the user the ability to quickly share up to three different views without batting a lash was an easy sell for the newsroom, and a great way to promote social interaction,” commented Chris Strimbu, Director of User Experience and Design at Tribune Publishing.

The feature was built using Twitter Web Intents to enable sharing, with custom click targets for seamless Integration with the website design. By incorporating best practices directly into the editorial playbook, editors and web producers are able to write and add their own Sharelines before the article goes live.

This setup was augmented with Twitter Ads to support growth and facilitate more distribution and engagement with the audience, and the system has already shown results. “Our Sharelines feature has given our newsrooms a creative way to distribute their content, and authors who compose their own Tweet Intents get far more distribution than the average content on our site,” added Lauren Kozak, Senior Manager, Social Media and Community Strategy at Tribune Publishing.

With engagement and distribution results tracked by SimplyMeasured, the Tribune Publishing team has leveraged the power of the Twitter API and Ads Platform to increase its publishing reach even further.

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Powering Distribution at the Chicago Tribune with the Twitter API and Ads Platform