How The UK's Government is Leading API Security

As modern information exchange is relying more and more heavily on APIs, security for these web services is critical for ensuring proper identity authentication and for controling varying levels of API access. The United Kingdom's government has become a well-known leader in carefully implementing these measures.

In terms of geography, Britain is a hub for international travel, accepting thousands of travelers by air, water, and ground every day. Coupled with a very high population density and diverse culture, the UK is naturally in a position that demands increased focus on securing information architecture. 

With increasing concerns regarding data breaches, collaboration between IT specialists in the British API economy has established a general "security-first mindset." This has come about due to the complexity of access control, Versioning, and identify enforcement required for varying types of API calls. Nowadays, security systems for content-based management controls need to be built into each application manually or processed through a security Portal.

Centralized platforms known as API security gateways are becoming more common in the entire industry, but especially in the UK. According to Jason Many of CTO of Forum Systems, "As more and more secure and agile deployments are successfully implemented across UK commercial and government entities, the growth trajectory of API security gateways will continue to rapidly expand."

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Why the UK leads the way in API security