How Unique are You? Roll the Dice through Statistical Me API

Statistical Me gives an online representation of how unique users are based on Australian government census data. The data, pulled from the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS), is also accessible through the Statistical Me API. The data upon which the statistics are pulled include gender, age, marital status, number of children, income, vehicles, rent/mortgage, and more. Users roll virtual dice until they uncover a profile that fits the user. Based on the results, users receive a graphical and numerical representation of their uniqueness as compared to fellow Aussies.

Statistical Me was born out of GovHack Perth 2013. GovHack Perth, sponsored and powered by some of the globe's most notable API players, allowed developers to explore government-related data in new, innovative ways. Statistical Me, created by team Data Chompy Chomp, won a Special Mention in the Perth location.

The Statistical Me API returns calls in a JSON data format and uses HTTP. The calls are pretty straightforward: all the publicly available categories offered by the ABS regarding census data. The API docs can be found at Github.

So what's the point? The same question could be asked of many mashups thrown together at such a hackathon. But, what's intriguing to me is the very act of rolling the dice over and over again until a user finds his or her exact profile. The continuous  action leads one to better understand just how unique he or she is. The API simply allows other applications, perhaps with a bit more day to day use, integrate the functionality and add richness to the app.

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