How Xert for Connect IQ Gives Athletes Real-Time Views of their Power

Garmin continues to be a market leader in the cycling segment with the Edge® bike computers and other connected bike products. Through the combination of Connect IQ, the ANT developer program and FIT technology, third-party partners are able to integrate and innovate on top of this market-leading platform.

One of the specific capabilities that enables this is through the Data Field app type and FIT recording released with Connect IQ 2.1. The combination of these enables third-party developers to bring their unique data and experience into the cycling activity.

For more information about Connect IQ please visit the Connect IQ developer site where you can find the SDK, programmer’s guide and all the tools you will need to make apps for Garmin devices.

This guest post will highlight the innovation from Baron Biosystems, specifically, their Xert platform. Baron Biosystems has leveraged the Connect IQ platform to bring their cycling innovations into the cycling experience through building a series of data fields that aid the user through their unique guidance on power and training.

Xert from Baron Biosystems is a complete software suite that provides unique, in-depth power data analysis for athletes. Using a technique called Maximal Power Available or MPA™ Analysis, Xert analyzes patterns in power data to provide athletes with essential insights into their fitness and performance. For example, athletes can determine their current fitness level without the need for difficult and often hard-to-execute fitness tests. Once Xert establishes your fitness, the software tracks your day-to-day progress.  Using software loaded on your Garmin device using Connect IQ, Xert is even able to identify in real-time when your fitness is improving. This awareness provides athletes with information about their ability to perform like never before. Register with Connect IQ so you can stay in the loop regarding future platform updates and cool things happening with Garmin.

Garmin Connect IQ offers a great platform for developers like us who are looking to provide athletes with deeper, interpreted insights coming from sensor data. By enabling custom apps to read sensor data from a power meter or heart rate monitor and then process the data through various models to establish new metrics and display them to athletes, Connect IQ is the perfect platform.

This data field code snippet is an example of how straightforward it is to get a simple Data Field setup. See more about Data Fields here.

using Toybox.Application;
using Toybox.WatchUi;

class BeerView extends WatchUi.SimpleField
 function initialize() {
  units = "beers";

 function compute(info) {
  return info.calories / 150; // Calories in average bottle of beer

Xert for Connect IQ provides athletes with a real-time look at their ability to generate power. Meanwhile Xert Online, available for both desktop and mobile users - - lets athletes analyze recorded activities from their Garmin device.  Garmin activities can be uploaded directly to Xert or synchronized with other platforms such as Strava or Training Peaks.  Xert Online provides a broad and complete list of features for athletes looking to understand and improve their fitness:

  • Determine your fitness without the need to do a 20 minute or similar test
  • Analyze your performance and ability to produce power during workouts, group rides or races and look for opportunities for improvement
  • Compare your strengths and weaknesses against others using Xert’s Athlete Type Ranking Database
  • Track fitness progression, training load and training status using the Xert Progression Chart
  • Receive recommended workouts based on your current fitness, preferences and event dates
  • Participate in social communities such as clubs, teams and squads
  • Provide and/or receive coaching services via data sharing
  • Download and execute highly-personalized MPA-based workouts from Xert's Standard Workout Library
  • Design, download and execute your own MPA-based workouts using Xert's Workout Designer
  • Download and execute MPA-based workouts designed by your coach

Connect IQ has allowed us to consider real-time applications of our MPA model and how to apply it for the benefit of our users. These apps have been developed to support recreational, racing and training workouts applications. Without Connect IQ, delivering the value of MPA to end users would have been very difficult. Now with the release of the new FIT 2.0 SDK, not only can our apps deliver real-time value to our users, the ability to store and include our derived metrics as part of the FIT file enables other programs to take advantage of the power of MPA analysis. This ability broadens the value of the Connect IQ platform by letting a wide variety of online and desktop reporting software use MPA and our derived metrics.

Here are some examples of Connect IQ app features we’ve built:

  • MPA and power - Displays MPA, the maximal power you have second-by-second. In addition, power is displayed beside MPA and is color-coded to provide feedback on how close you are to achieving a new fitness breakthrough by exceeding MPA. The app rewards you with a performance medal when a fitness breakthrough is achieved.
  • Fat and carbs - Displays fat and carbohydrate usage, color-coded to indicate when rates are maximal.
  • Time to exhaustion - Displays how much time you have before reaching your limit as well as how much time before you are recovered, both based on a configurable wattage.
  • Focus and strain - Displays Focus, which is unique Xert derived measurement. It is a time measure that indicates the area of your fitness that is currently being exercised during the current activity.  Strain is a measurement of the difficulty of the activity. It is shown either as a Total Strain value in kJ, which is a sum total of the strain of the current activity, or as a Strain Rate in watts displaying the current degree of strain you are producing.
  • Bioshift - Optimizes your cadence by displaying a gauge. The gauge slides up when you’re pedaling too fast and slides down when you’re pedaling too slow, relative to Bioshift’s determined optimal cadence for a given power output.

Garmin’s Connect IQ program provides both development and marketing support to help us deliver quality products and reach more end-users. Our customers are loyal and find a lot of value in our metrics. Through Garmin’s commitment to their developer program, our customers can invest in CIQ products with confidence that we’ll provide ongoing support both now and in the future.

The following videos show you how to use the Xert app. For more information on Xert/Baron, see

About Connect IQ:
Connect IQ launched early in 2015 with the goal of making Garmin devices open to the developer ecosystem and subsequently to consumers for personalizing their devices. Since the launch of Connect IQ last year Garmin has launched many more Connect IQ enabled wearables in addition to the first compatible bike computer and handheld GPS unit. The new SDK just launched last month as well, check it out here! For more information on Connect IQ please see this overview page.

About Garmin:
For decades, Garmin has pioneered new GPS navigation and wireless devices and applications that are designed for people who live an active lifestyle.  Garmin serves five primary business units, including automotive, aviation, fitness, marine, and outdoor recreation. For more information about Garmin, visit our virtual pressroom at, contact the Media Relations department at 913-397-8200, or follow us at,, or

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