HP Opens Snapfish Photo API, Gives Developers Access to 85 Million Members

The myriad of online photo album services that are available today have been threatening to make the humble printed photo album redundant for some time now (for example, we now have over 50 photo APIs in our directory). Despite this services like Snapfish, which offer the ability to easily print customized photo books, have remained incredibly popular. Started 10 years ago and still running strong with its new owner HP, Snapfish reportedly has over 85 million users worldwide. Now developers can get in on the action with the newly announced Snapfish Publisher initiative:

In celebration of its 10th anniversary, Snapfish by HP announced it will open its Application Programming Interface ( API) to allow creative individuals and businesses to be part of the evolution of its leading online personal publishing service.

The initiative – called Snapfish Publisher – will allow designers, developers and printing partners to reach more than 85 million registered users through the worldwide Snapfish network, while delighting new and existing consumers with a broader yet more specialized portfolio of customizable options that meet a myriad of creative needs and personal preferences.

Developers can sign up to be notified when API code, Sample Code, and Documentation are released. In the mean time some additional information is available from the Snapfish Publisher Developers page and our Snapfish API profile.

From the overview provided on the developers page it appears that developers will be able to provide and host their own front end to the Snapfish service, which gives them access to a users photo albums and then provides a percentage of the revenue when a card of photo book is ordered. With an projected market of around $1 billion in the US for online photo ordering, this could be a nice money spinner for some creative developers.

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