HSBC Hong Kong Introduces API for Real-Time Payments

HSBC Hong Kong has announced a new API that aims to support more advanced payment collection options. Using the new API developers will gain access to instant electronic Direct Debit Authorisation (eDDA) and real-time payment transfer functionality.

Prior to providing this service via API, HSBC Hong Kong customers had to log in and manually process transfers. Not only was this process cumbersome, but the transfers would take several days to process. With the addition of real-time transfers and an automated workflow for managing payments, the company is hoping to save customers a lot of time. 

Yvonne Yiu, Head of Global Liquidity and Cash Management for HSBC was quoted as saying that:

“When it comes to payments, simplicity and convenience make a paramount difference to customer experience. Designed to allow our corporate customers to stay ahead of the evolving demands of their clientele, this innovative cash management API also supports businesses in their Digital Transformation and daily operation optimization.”

This API appears to be available only to partner companies. Developers interested in other Payments APIs can check out ProgrammableWeb’s database that lists over 1100 Payments APIs

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