HTH Worldwide APIs Expose Health and Security Resources for Travelers

HTH Worldwide has launched a suite of APIs that provide access to health and security resources for international travelers. "At HTH Worldwide, our mission is to help world travelers pursue their plans with confidence," Alex Wood, HTH's managing director, stated in a press release. "Making our innovative, proprietary health and safety tools available through an API Portal is a great way to expand our ability to meet our goal."

HTH's API suite consists of eight information APIs:

  • A Health Atlas API that provides information about travel destination health and safety risks.
  • An Emergency Information API that makes it easy to obtain emergency phone numbers for different international locations.
  • A U.S. Embassies API for locating U.S. embassies around the world.
  • A News and Safety API that distributes relevant, timely news for specific destinations.
  • A Medicine Equivalents API for identifying the local equivalents of drugs sold under different names in the United States.
  • A Medical Translations API that translates common medical terms and phrases across 13 languages.
  • An International Facilities API for locating hospitals and clinics meeting certain criteria.
  • An International Providers API that contains information about reputable healthcare providers.

The Health Atlas, Emergency Information and U.S. Embassies APIs are open; the other APIs in HTH's suite are available to HTH partners, which include large healthcare companies. The APIs are RESTful and powered by Intel Mashery. Documentation can be accessed via HTH's new developer portal.

HTH offers its own popular mobile app, mPassport, which enables international travelers to access the information available through its API suite. By offering this information via APIs, companies that serve international travelers can build their own Web and mobile apps to distribute this information and improve traveler experience.

APIs Increasingly Important to Content Providers

Content is still king, and many content and data providers are finding that APIs are an increasingly important part of their business. For instance, Chefs Feed, a food media company that offers thousands of restaurant reviews from expert chefs in 25 major cities, has used APIs to ink and support high-profile content syndication deals.

In the healthcare space, where information has the ability to improve care, reduce costs and even save lives, APIs are proving to be especially valuable to content providers, which are seeing demand for their content grow as both consumers and healthcare providers seek to access that content through digital means. That is creating significant opportunities for content providers willing and able to develop the APIs that facilitate the efficient delivery of digital content.

As Chuck Freedman, the director of vertical insights at Intel Services, which helped build the HTH Worldwide API suite, explained, "Leading healthcare organizations are using APIs to transform existing business assets into innovative data products." 

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