Huawei is Opening Its AI Platform via APIs

Several media outlets including The Indian Express have reported that Huawei, an information and communications technology (ICT) infrastructure and smart devices provider, is opening its AI Platform by making AI-based APIs available to developers. Huawei also plans on holding a global developers conference in the near future to encourage developers to integrate Huawei AI APIs with applications.

This past September, the company introduced its Enterprise Intelligence (EI) solution which features several APIs. Among these APIs are a natural language API, voice recognition API, and visual recognition API. Huawei’s EI solution provides a number of services including (but not limited to) Machine Learning, deep learning, and graph analysis. The company aims to make it easier for developers to add AI-driven capabilities such as image recognition, speech recognition, and language translation to applications.

At the 2018 Huawei Global Analyst Summit, Eric Xu, Rotating Chairman at Huawei, spoke about AI and some of the company’s goals when it comes to AI. Xu said that “we [Huawei] are working to make the value of digital and AI accessible to all, whether it's in life, work, education, or fitness.” Xu also said that “in this fully connected, intelligent world, all people will be more empowered. For example, with connected smart helmets, blind people can move around with complete freedom. Smart translation services will remove language barriers. AI-powered cameras will allow inexperienced photographers to create masterpieces.” Providing developers access to AI-based APIs is one of the things the company is doing to democratize AI.

Visit the official Huawei website for more information about Huawei products and APIs.

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