HubSpot Introduces Beta Version of Calling API

HubSpot recently announced a beta release of its new Calling API. The API enables users to utilize third-party telephony provider solutions instead of HubSpot's native calling features. Currently, HubSpot has made the beta version open to Sales Hub Enterprise and Service Hub Enterprise Customers.

Aircall, computer telephony solution provider, is the first Integration partner for the HubSpot Calling API. The Aircall/HubSpot integration allows teams to manage call flows from a single interface. Call information is automatically logged with the applicable contact, along with applicable caller comments and call recordings. Callers (whether sales teams, contact center teams, or otherwise) can focus on the customer, while the Aircall/HubSpot integration handles data collection and organization.

HubSpot built the Calling API because third parties with sophisticated telephony software (like Aircall) have robust infrastructure that doesn't necessarily need to rely on HubSpot's native calling features. The Calling API allows advanced users to leverage their own products.

Public Documentation for the API is not currently available. Interested developers should request access to the beta program. 

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