Huddle API: Facebook Meets Sharepoint

Huddle, the online project management and group collaboration service, has been releasing new Huddle API updates quite frequently. Huddle employs an agile development process with a two-week release cycle, so Huddle users and community developers are becoming accustomed to often seeing new features and bug fixes. In order to track this API we've created a new Huddle API profile.

Their web service provides developers with access to team workspaces, shared files, and project collaboration and tracking. In recent updates, the August 19 Huddle API release included calls to access the "What's new?" project dashboard news Feed and new interfaces to Huddle discussions. The September 2 update fleshed out programmable access to Huddle's dicussion functionality, adding create discussion post, get discussion posts, delete discussion, and delete workspace methods.

The Huddle API is REST-based. It uses JSON as the data format and the Huddle development team is working on supplementing the API with additional data formats. HTTP basic Authentication is the security model. The Huddle API documentation includes details of each method, an example application, and instructions on how to integrate Huddle into your own web site.

The Huddle Workspaces Facebook application lets people create private workspaces (huddles) for storing, sharing, and working on documents and other files with their friends and co-workers. "It's perfect for running school and university projects, organising social activities, collaborating with work colleagues and a million other things." Earlier this year when Huddle hired Jonathan Howell from at their CTO, he cited their pitch as "Facebook meets Sharepoint" as a big part of the appeal.

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