Human Translation, Now Available via an API

Automated language translation is a great way to bridge the language barrier, but while the solutions available today will allow you to get the general gist of text written in another language, the results are far from perfect and not suitable for many scenarios.

myGengo is a startup founded in 2008 that offers human translation services that fill the gaps left by machine translation tools, and they have now announced an API that will allow developers to interact with their services:

myGengo announces the launch of it's “Translation Box” - an API that allows you to order and receive high-quality human translation directly within any application.

An API creates a direct link between a website and myGengo. Websites already use APIs to display things like maps, Twitter feeds, stock quotes or payment processing. Now you can use an API to get on-demand human translation.

Translation is charged at the same prices as myGengo's website: Standard at $0.05/word, Pro at $0.10/word, Ultra (Pro + proofreading) at $0.15/word. Machine translation is available through the API for free.

The API comes with libraries for C#, Python, PHP, Ruby and Java. Use of the API is free, and payment is made when text is translated.

myGengo does have some competition from social translation services (like the Social Translator API and Socialbel API), but with turn reasonable around times (said to be within a few hours for small jobs) and qualified translators, myGengo provides an easy way to get quality translations in a short time frame.

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