The Humanoid API: It Does the Work For You

Your time is certainly worth more than 5 dollars an hour; why would you waste an hour performing a simple task that you could outsource for less than 5 dollars. Humanoid, a cloud workforce, is hoping that you see things this way. Humanoid has a 30,000+ person workforce on tap, waiting to perform all of your simple, yet crucial tasks. The company has developed a workflow that allows several workers to simultaneously perform the same task, then cross-references the results to ensure accuracy. If a discrepancy exists within the results, the task is sent to a highly rated worker for review. Humanoid provides the Humanoid API to allow developers to integrate this functionality into existing platforms.

The RESTful Humanoid API returns data formatted in JSON. The API is proven to do a great job with tasks such as: data entry, data verification, non-text transcription and sentiment analysis. Obviously, this service will not do well with any task that requires informed discernment, but that is your job isn’t it?

The Humanoid API is one of 501 tools APIs and 94 data APIs

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